Memorable Fiction Characters!


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: is a writers free advice blog for real help with literary characterization. the Premiere Place to read New Fiction Free, announces their new blog page, specifically designed to address literary characterization issues. Many new authors have problems creating believable fictional characters. Now there’s a place for help and characterization tips.


The coveted free new fiction site. featuring mysteries, inspirational, poems and flash fiction, now has sci-fi, westerns and great new song lyrics for your free reading pleasure; plus writing advice! WOW! The new blog page has advice for creative writers struggling with creating believable engaging characters for their fiction stories. Reading is free on the website and you can comment on their blogs about your favorite new fiction authors or works or if you are a writer in need, ask a question. Please don’t forget to praise the photographers if you see a photo that moves you. All fiction, poems and accompanying artworks are original so check them out and enjoy, it’s all free!


Characterization is a fundamental element of all creative writing fiction stories. Great characters make for great tales. Creating believable characters is an art. The new blog is for writers to discuss the craft of creating great characters.

For all your advice and tips on creating great fictional characters check out



Some Fantastic Fiction Characters

We think everyone should read these fantastic stories!


•Florentino Ariza, Love in the Time of Cholera, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, 1985

•Charlotte, Charlotte’s Web, E. B. White, 1952  

•Judge Holden, Blood Meridian Cormac McCarthy, 1985

•Mr. Bridge, Mrs. Bridge, Evan S. Connell, 1959

•Stephen Dedalus, Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, James Joyce, 1916

•The Invisible Man, Invisible Man, Ralph Ellison, 1952

•Clyde Griffiths, An American Tragedy, Theodore Dreiser, 1925

•The Dog of Tears, Blindness, Jose Saramago, 1995 

•Eeyore, Winnie the Pooh, A. A. Milne, 1926

•Charlotte, Charlotte’s Web, E. B. White, 1952


What character are your favorite fiction characters and why?

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