The Mongoliad, Book 1 by Erik Bear, Greg Bear, Joseph Brassey, E.D. DeBirmingham, Cooper Moo, Neal Stephenson & Mark Teppo

Greg Bear
Greg Bear was born in San Diego, California, in 1951.With a father in the navy, Greg Bear had travelled toJapan, the Philippines, Alaska and all over the US by the age of 12.At 15, he sold his first story to Famous Science Fiction andin 1979 he sold his first novel, Hegira, to Dell.His awards include Nebulas for his stories “Hardfought,” “Blood Music” and “Tangents” and one forhis novel, Moving Mars (1993), plus Hugos for his stories “Blood Music” and “Tangents.”As an illustrator, Bear’s artwork has appeared in magazines such as Galaxy andFantasy & Science Fiction along witha number of hardcover and paperback books. He was a founding member of ASFA, theAssociation of Science Fiction Artists. He did the cover for his own novel, Psychlone, from Tor.Heavily involved with SFWA, Greg Bear co-edited the SFWA FORUM, chaired the SFWA GrievanceCommittee, served as VP for a year, and President for 2 years.

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