HIGH SEA by Stu Leventhal

WHO DONE IT? HIGH SEA by Stu Leventhal is thrilling drama at its best! HIGH SEA by Stu Leventhal
Author Stu Leventhal has got a winner here! High Sea is innovative creative writing at it’s best. You won’t want to miss this engaging, frantic romp! Detectives chase a ruthless psycho jewel thief around their quaint, tropical island. It is a cat and mouse game, a battle of wits and sarcasm in this humorous Kindle police procedural. Sure to become a Kindle Mystery Summer favorite! You just got to read HIGH SEA by Stu Leventhal, live on Kindle mysteries.

High Sea is suspense, mystery, thrill and drama rapped up! A real new engaging WHO DONE IT? Not your regular Kindle Adventure Mystery book. Not another armchair mystery! A must read!

They’ve been tipped off by Interpol that an international jewel thief is aboard the freighter just now pulling into their calm harbor. Chief Detective Henry Oaks hates to be embarrassed especially when it comes to international affairs. He surrounds the ship before it can dock then proceeds to search. But this criminal is a quick change artist with a couple of high tech tricks up his sleeve who is determined to sneak off the freighter with his stash of priceless diamonds,no matter who he has to hurt! Add a quirky French Detective desperate to regain face since he allowed the criminal to slip through his fingers back in Paris where the crime originated. Now you have a recipe for old school detective banter, sarcasm, humor and bravado as two highly charged Detectives constantly spar over who is in charge of this investigation. Get ready for a high speed roller coaster ride as smart lawmen chase a genius and cold hearted conman around an exotic island resort! And what an ending!

Writer’s Bio:
Stuart Leventhal is a freelance news reporter, fiction writer and poet. Newspapers include: Downingtown Ledger, Tri County Record and the Weekly Press of Philadelphia. Mystery and western short stories: Veneration Quarterly, Ultimate writer, Bracelet Charm magazine, Dance Macabre. Featured writer on the Dana Literary Society’s Online Journal for September 2001. Poems published in Raphael’s Village, Treasured Poems of America and many others. Stu is the Examiner’s Atco Restaurant Reviewer for the Philadelphia Area:

Presently Webmaster/editor for:

* Author STU LEVENTHAL is open for online interviews – always free
*in person interviews-free- except for travel and lodging if outside of the Philadelphia area!

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